Image Integrator


Image Integrator was founded in 2005 by Deana Gugger and Scott Secord who have had a long lasting partnership for over fifty years of combined service in the records management field. Their knowledge and motivation to satisfy deadlines and requirements are well known throughout the Central New York area.



Our location is centrally located and fully capable of handling your records storage needs. This facility is secured by an advanced alarm and sprinkler system. Conrete exterior walls and floors make our home at Rockwest an ideal record storage facility.

Image Integrator, LLC

Our Mission:

"We are commited to providing top quality document imaging services with customer staisfaction as our absolute priority. We strive to provide custom solutions to fit your company's needs in a timely fashion."

Scott Secord, Founder & Co-President

Deana Gugger, Founder & Co-President


ST Imaging ViewScan Premium Software